Deepti Sudhindra

Founder and creative director

A jewelry designer par excellence, and a talented dancer and theater artiste, Deepti has created waves in her contribution to these pursuits and practices in Bangalore and India. The Jewelry Project is known for it's intrinsically Indian jewelry craft with a global aesthetic. The jewels are moving installations, inspired by varied Indian themes and ideologies, creating a new grammar of ornament that adhers to a philosophy of sustainable and social impact. Every work in fine metal , precious or semi precious probes deeper into the meaning of life and living in it's own way. Working close to nature, she embraces the simplicity and organic way of life.

Exploring jewelry as a living culture is an everyday practice for me. I have spent many years wandering the jewelry streets and bazaars of India learning secrets from the masters of this trade. I have then applied these learnings into a context of play freedom and exploration to come together as a new approach and understanding as the jewelry project.
I explore continuously a changing grammar
of ornament in design both neo Indian
and contemporary.

We are a collective. A coming together of various skill sets and approaches in the craft and art of jewelry making.

This landscape of India is a muse, her living culture is a treasure of creative unfolding. Through our work and it’s philosophy we hope to be conscious towards craft and its custodians and live close to nature in her pace and teachings of life.