Trishul Charm Bangle (Gold-Plated)
Trishul Charm Bangle (Gold-Plated)
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Trishul Charm Bangle (Gold-Plated)

Trishul Charm Bangle (Gold-Plated)

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Made in 92.5 Sterling Silver

These jewels are crafted slow and in limited editions. Please check with us for availability or Click here to place order Leave your details on this form and we will get back to you .. 

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Care Instructions:

1) Store your jewelry in cloth boxes or layer them with cloth and store in wooden boxes, steel boxes, clear containers. Avoid permanent storage in plastic bags and velvet-lined boxes (discolouration).

2) Keep jewelry away from water, perfume (especially gold-plated jewelry). If you live near the coast, store in airtight containers.

3) Separate gemstone studded pieces from plain jewelry.

4) When you're travelling, carry in containers layered with cloth in your hand-baggage. All plating (especially gold) fades over time.

5) Based on your preference, get the pieces re-plated with your local jeweller or reach out to us. Wear your jewelry on a frequent basis. Enjoy them!

Measurement Instructions:

Take an existing bangle that fits you well and measure the diameter between two corners in the bangle (the unit of measurement is inches).
Here are the suitable sizes for the measured distance.

1) 2.12 inches (2.2 bangle size)
2) 2.25 inches (2.4 bangle size)
3) 2.37 inches (2.6 bangle size)
4) 2.5 inches (2.8 bangle size)
5) 2.62 inches (2.10 bangle size)