"I love TJP. I mean there's really little else I can say.  Jewelry to me has always been about feeling good, irrespective of whether you're going out or meeting someone. It is about a feeling of joy, a moment of self-love.  And I keep going back to TJP's pieces for these feelings." - Sarayu Natarajan 




Jewelry for me has meant differently during various phases of my life; sometimes it made me feel proud that I could afford to buy my own jewelry with my earnings or it made me feel good that I was wearing jewelry designed by friends like Deepti, but these days it evokes a lot of happy memories as well as legacy of inheritance and the stories my mother tells me about the pieces she has given me. All the history that goes with each piece makes it more special. Hopefully, that is what I can pass on to my 3 children (my son & 2 nieces). 

- Arati Gupta 


"I think of jewelry as an essential. History has shown that some adornment is always worn by us, may it be a piece of coloured string, some shiny beads, glass bangles or metal pieces. It makes the wearer feel good, some pieces are for protection, but all have some meaning attached to them.  Indian brides receive jewelry as wealth. I love bringing the odd pieces I pick up to get them customised at The Jewelry Project. I also get very tempted to pick up original pieces designed by Deepti. I’ve had one for very long, filled with love from The Jewelry Project, so each piece of mine comes with lots of love"  - Pramita Prasad