Our Design Journal

Sourced from the lap of mother nature, The Jewelry Project is an idea birthed by Deepti Sudhindra, jewelry designer and certified gemologist. The Jewelry Project is a unique, hand-crafted and environmentally conscious approach to reinventing the idea of everyday ornamentation. 
Deeply rooted in Indian Culture, the very essence of each piece is derived from the traditions and heritage that we all carry in our hearts.  The jewelry embodies a global design aesthetic while crafting a new grammar of ornament in indian jewelry.
 Each piece of jewelry tells a unique story, from the hands of the craftsmen who create it to those of the people who wear it, the jewelry holds testament to every experience, emotion and idea. 
Here at The Jewelry Project, there is something for everyone. Each piece is extremely personal. We believe in the coalescence of the spirit of the jewelry and the aura within you. While our craftsmanship is centred around perfect finishing, fine details and immense precision, we do believe that its true virtue emerges from the people who wear it.
The brand is constantly progressing. The higher aspirations of living life is what is reflected in the brand, and the highest aspiration of now is being conscious of the earth. We implement organic, sustainable and efficient practices in every stage of our venture.  In our pursuit of beauty, we have been able to build sustainable bridges between the craftsperson and consumer, between design and culture and the idea of tradition and modern. 
Our jewelry is a manifestation of the very spirit of being. It is a reflection of the universe we perceive outside and the universe we seek within.